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We Simplify The Selling Process

  1. We review and do a complete market analysis to know exactly what your boat is worth
  2. We Market your vessel on every major Multiple Listing Service and Social Media Site to Maximize your exposure.
  3. We Manage and coordinate the entire process for you so all you need to do is sign a few forms

We Simplify The Buying Process

  1. We do a deep dive with you on your wants and desires of a perfect boat
  2. We search the market for the boats that check off all of the boxes you require
  3. We Manage and coordinate the entire process of purchase for you so all you need to do is sign a few forms and go boating!
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We Simplify The Insurance Process

We Simplify The Insurance Process

  1. With one form we shop the entire market FOR you
  2. Clearly explain and advise the coverages that YOU need
  3. Start a policy the same day with a company offering outstanding service and claims history



Looking to Sell? – We have a Proven Track Record of Success

Selling your boat starts with choosing the right broker for the job! Selling your boat takes a well-coordinated sales effort, best performed by an experienced broker with a proven track record of success. A seasoned, professional yacht broker will have an existing book of potential clients and an established reputation within the yacht brokerage community – making co-brokerage sales uncomplicated. A new boat dealer may not be the best choice because most of their efforts may be focused on new boat sales and they haven’t gone through the complicated testing and ongoing training an accredited CPYB (Certified Professional Yacht Broker) has. A CPYB broker is required to maintain his certification in order to keep up with market trends and guidelines.


It’s long been said that first impressions are everything and dock appeal is very important. If it’s clean, bright, and smells and looks good, then you’ve got a good chance of making a sale. If it smells like septic hoses and there are signs of rust in the engine and mildew – clean it. It’s also helpful to touch-up brightwork or paint.


Remove mold and mildew from compartments, bilges, and upholstery. A dirty boat is a sign of neglect. Wipe away any excess grease or soot. Remove personal belongings and keep it uncluttered. Sails, life-jackets, fishing poles should be stowed away neatly. A potential buyer will open cabinets wanting to see a clean and organized space.


We often advise that you have a survey completed by an accredited marine surveyor: this can be a worthwhile sales tool and adds value to your boat because we will make the survey available to potential buyers who make an offer on the boat; it will also put you “ahead of” most of the boats on the market. It will also give you the opportunity to correct any deficiencies. Please, disclose to the broker any major damage that occurred to the boat in the past and the repairs completed.


If you have any maintenance records or documentation of major work done, provide these documents to the broker. Make sure you have all ownership papers in order and give copies to the broker, as well as copies of work performed by the marina. If there is a loan provide the name of the bank and an approximate payoff.