Standard Features


The Ultimate 150 hp FourStroke

Boaters spoke and we listened. The new Mercury 150 FourStroke is the toughest, smallest, and lightest 150 hp four-stroke engine in the world. In other words, another game-changing outboard from Mercury - just what you need to take your time on the water to the next level.


Model Year
FourStroke 150 HP
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Engine Type
4-cylinder (in-line), 8-valve single overhead cam (SOHC)
150 hp (110 kW) at prop
183 ci (3,000 cc)
Bore x Stroke
4.00 x 3.6 (102 x 92 mm)
5,000 - 5,800
Fuel Induction
Computer controlled Sequential Multi-Port Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI)
SmartCraft ECM 07 Digital Inductive
Electric (turn-key)
Water-cooled with thermostat
Through prop


Gear Ratio
Gear Shift


55A, 693W (belt-driven)


Shaft Length
20 or 25 in. (508 or 635 mm)
455 lbs. (206 kg)


Big tiller compatible, Mercury power steering, hydraulic remote, electro-hydraulic power steering
Trim System
Power trim and tilt with SmartCraft programmable tilt
SmartCraft Engine Guardian

Standard Features

Rock Solid
 The new 3.0L Mercury 150 hp FourStroke delivers class-leading displacement and stronger components than all other competitive 150 hp outboards. Why is that important?  
    Some 3.0L outboards produce well over 250 hp. This 3.0L Mercury FourStroke only needs to deliver 150 hp, which means exceptional durability and long-term peace of mind.  
    The new 150 hp FourStroke also features a robust 4.9 inch gearcase that uses larger, more durable components.  
    With nearly 10,000 hours of engineering and field testing, we made sure that this 150 hp FourStroke is the world's most reliable outboard engine.  
Lightweight Powerhouse
 Normally the higher the displacement an outboard has, the more it weighs. Not in the case of the new 150 hp FourStroke.  
    This Mercury FourStroke is the highest displacement and lightest 150 hp fourstroke in the world.  
    At almost 20 pounds lighter than its closest competitor, it's less than the weight of a battery away from a two-stroke. This makes the new 150 hp FourStroke a great fit not only for new boat packages, but also repower, even on older boats which could not handle the weight of heavier competitive 4-Strokes.  
Detailed Focus
 When building the most durable outboard on the planet, Mercury engineers redesigned the entire outboard, down to the smallest details.  
    Mercury's Focused Mount System situates upper mounts at 45 angles to the engine centerline, virtually eliminating vibration.  
    The focused mounts are located away from the high-temperature powerhead, where the heat reduces longevity.  
    Transom brackets are 22% heavier than the Yamaha 150 and are tough enough for the most extreme operating conditions.  
Built for Salt
 The new 150 hp FourStroke delivers outstanding corrosion resistance through the following:  
    Lowest copper content aluminum.  
    18-step painting process featuring an Electro-Deposition Paint system, which electronically bonds paint to metal throughout the engine, even inside internal water passages.  
    Waterproof electrical systems and connectors sit under a tightly sealed cowling system that uses a baffle to let air enter the cowl but forces water to drain out.  
Two-Stroke Torque.  FourStroke Efficiency.
 What do you get when you combine class-leading displacement with the lightest 150 hp fourstroke on the market? Mercury's new definition of performance.  
    3.0L displacement delivers the powerful torque needed to launch your boat onto plane and provide responsive mid-range acceleration.  
    An exceptional power-to-weight ratio means outstanding fuel economy and more on-water time between fill-ups.  
    A large 4.9 inch gearcase easily lifts heavy boats better than smaller gearcases found on competitive fourstrokes, significantly improving boat handling from slower cruising speeds to full throttle runs.  
All Amped Up
 The Mercury 150 hp FourStroke's marine hardened "on-demand" alternator is a 60 amp (756 watt) high-output external unit. In fact, this alternator already produces over 2/3 of its charging power at just 1,000 rpm...perfect for keeping batteries fully charged while trolling or on that leisurely cruise.  
    Belt-driven means less heat and weight.  
    Provides power only when needed.  
    Fully regulated at 14.2 volts.  
    Hard anodized for best-in-class corrosion protection.  
More Time on the Water.  Less Time in the Shop.
 Under the cowl, the new 150 hp FourStroke has a convenient maintenance label highlighting basic maintenance intervals and requirements for the "do-it-yourself's". This label features a QR code that links to a series of step-by-step videos demonstrating just how easy it is to perform routine maintenance such as oil and gear lube changes.  
    QR code linking to videos, local dealers, and a Mercury-direct hotline.  
    No-spill oil change system and easy-access fuel filter.  
    The only fourstroke available with a valve train that requires NO maintenance over the life of the engine.  
Perfect for Repower
 Mercury's new 150 FourStroke has far less transom well interference and a lower profile making it easy to fish over and around, or to mount under tight fitting engine wells.  
 At a weight approaching that of a 2-Stroke, the new 150 FourStroke is the lightest of its kind, and will easily repower most older hulls not designed to accommodate the weight of competitive 150 4-Strokes.  
 Flexible enough to accommodate mechanical or hydraulic steering, the Big Tiller system, mechanical control / cables, and a full complement of either analog or SmartCraft gauges this new 150 FourStroke equally suited to the most basic or the most sophisticated of repower jobs.  
*MSRP Price, if shown, is Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price and does not include taxes, dealer vehicle freight, dealer preparation, dealer document charges or any finance charges (if applicable). MSRP and/or final actual sales price will vary depending on options or accessories selected.