Professional Boat & Yacht Brokerage Services

If this is the first boat you are looking to purchase through us, we recommend you review our checklist on Buying a Brokerage Boat and How to Avoid the 7 Most Common Boat Buying Mistakes. It covers 7 critical points that will help you maximize your chances of finding the perfect boat:

  1. Ask to see the vessel’s maintenance history: Make sure to ask questions related to engines, generators, electronics, onboard systems etc.
  2.  Find out what repairs have happened in the last few years: Unfortunately all boats (new and used) break down from time to time. If fixes haven’t been needed yet, the boat could be a ticking time bomb for repairs.
  3.  Find out why they’re selling: Sometimes sellers are very eager to sell because they want to off-load junk.
  4.  Ask to Speak with the Professionals who maintained the vessel: Nobody knows the intricacies of a boat like a professional mechanic, dealer or shipyard.
  5.  Run a Vessel History & Documentation: You absolutely need to know if the vessel has lawsuits or liens against it and if any money is still owed to a bank or financing company
  6. Get help from a Professional Broker: The right broker helps by listening to your needs and assists you with any potential difficulties. Brokers will assist you through the entire buying process.
  7. Organize a Survey from an independent and professional (NAMS or SAMS Certified) marine surveyor & obtain an Insurance quote from only an experienced, Boat & Yacht Insurance Agency

If you follow those 7 simple steps,you could literally save yourself thousands in unexpected repairs.

Looking to Sell your Boat?
Campisano Marine Center has a 30 year reputation using brokerage of used units as a viable option for you to sell your craft. We simply know how to do it right.

We handle everything for you from start to finish including:

Water Demo's, Purchase/Sales Agreements

DMV Titles/Coast Guard Documentation


Arranging Marine Surveys


We save you the stress of no shows, internet "phone negotiation" and strangers at your home.  

Also, our Service and Parts Department is Mercury Certified and can handle all of your service needs to make sure your craft is in top condition to sell.  

If you are looking to sell your craft in the near future, fill out one of the brokerage evaluation forms below to see if we can help you.

Sell Your Boat!             Sell Your PWC!

Questions? Call our sales line at 732-262-0300 x 26
**For PWC brokerage, please note we only accept late model, 4 stroke units