Since 1986...The Boating Experience Starts Here!

Campisano Marine Center began as a Marine Insurance Agency back in June, 1986.

Soon after building a solid clientel based on superior customer service and follow up, Joe began to be pressed by his customers to help out in the other areas of boating.

Because the standards of other marine businesses were simply not high enough for his customers he decided to expand and began offering complete marine services for them directly based upon a model of consierge service.

Celebrating a 28th anniversary in the marine industry, Joe and the crew at Campisano Marine Center offer the boater Total Vessel Management which includes:

Certified Service, Brokerage Sales, Parts, Hauling, Storage and Complete Insurance Protection.  

Depending on your desires, we can handle weekly services where we maintain and control the boat right down to the beverage of choice in the coolers, or simply see you once in Spring and once in Fall. It is up to you as we custom design individual Vessel Management programs to fit each and every boater.

 I started with the belief: "the only difference between us and the competition is the individual customer service we offer". If you don't feel we are living up to that mission, let us know and we will fix it immediately. If you have a concern and would like to speak to me directly, call or email me. I will personally respond to you-Joe Campisano

Thats why...The Boating Experience Starts Here





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